Saturday, February 19, 2011

What A Nice Surprise!

I had a surprise visitor all the way from Oregon this past Friday, and it looks like she brought the rain along with her! THANKS a lot Lisa! Just kidding doll. ;) She stopped in with Mom & Dad who live in Temecula, Ca. Lisa has known me since my eBay days and she blames me for her collection of tole trays...over 50 Lisa? LOL I think that's what she said! She was so darn sweet and we laughed when we realized we were both wearing heather gray ruffled sweaters and jeans. So here's Lisa with Mom & Dad and her little bag of nice to finally "meet" Hope we can get together again! Lisa is a dealer at The Farm Chicks Show in Spokane WA. and I've always wanted to make the trip up there. You never know Lisa...I might sneak up and surprise you!

You can visit Lisa's blog- A Thing For Roses, here.

2 comments: said...

You can't go wrong with a ruffled grey sweater and jeans!!

A Thing for Roses said...

So wonderful meeting you, Nancy! Any time you want to come up for a visit, you are more than welcome to stay with me. We would have so much fun junkin together.