Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Carmen & Julio

One of my FAVORITE customers dropped by yesterday with her sweet little Julio. Carmen has been coming to the shop for years and always has Julio by her side, literally! He is right at home in her tote bag and goes everywhere she goes. I just love to spoil him but he can't wait to jump back in the bag where he feels safe and secure. :) Julio was rescued by Carmen when he was just a few months old. His owners were not very nice and he had a rough beginning, but he has spent his last 11 years being spoiled rotten.:) In the past Carmen has shown me how he runs and leaps in the bag as she holds it about a foot off the ground. It's so darn cute. Julio hasn't been feeling well lately so he didn't perform his little trick yesterday. Hope he feels back to his old self soon. :)

Time to go home the bag! And off they went...

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