Sunday, February 27, 2011

It Takes A Real Man... wear this apron! lol This was one of those FUN finds from last week. I do have to give credit to my daughter- she found it and I'm surprised she handed it over! My first thought was, Did the Mr. actually wear this? Maybe it just one of those Mr. & Mrs. sets that a 1950's made by a homemaker with a sense of humor. My next thought was what happened to the "Mrs." apron? Maybe it was actually used and was so worn that it was tossed. Would have loved to see both if there really ever was a set.

This is a pocket!

I had planned to ask the Mr. to model this for you, but I forgot. Oh darn! I'm certain he would have obliged, as long as I didn't show his face. :)


Northwest Pretties said...

super cute!!!

Anonymous said...

That is too funny! Whatever Mr. wore this had to have a sense of humor!