Friday, February 18, 2011

They Made My Rainy Day

Mattie and Mary, friends since the 5th grade and now entering High School, came into the shop the other day to see what we were all about.
What a duo..they spent nearly an hour in the shop while they waited for the rain to stop so they could continue their walk home. They were like kids in a candy store. One of the girls actually announced that being in here was " Like Christmas!"

They both fell in love with our antique typewriter and talked about saving up for it. I saw a little bit of myself in the girls. I was just about their age when my obsession with vintage started.

A vintage prom dress, a new Fedora, a purple scarf and a vintage red umbrella are also on their "want list"

They talked about having a photo shoot with all of these things, and planned on hitting Grandma up for a little loan. ..too cute.

One of them remarked that they just couldn't tell their friends about the had to be their "little secret" Now girls, we're going to have to talk!

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