Friday, October 22, 2010

Ruffles In All The Right Places

Handbags...we have so many styles, it would be impossible to show them all, so I'll just share four of our most popular styles with you. They all happen to have something in common.


Some girls prefer their ruffle on the side..(that be ME!)

Or just a few on the corners....

Some love their ruffles so much...they completely cover the front!

Feminine & Flirty!

All handbags pictured are $46 ea

Do you have a favorite?

One of these bags is by far our BEST seller...can you guess which one?


Anonymous said...

What fun purses. If I had to pick one to carry I would also pick the ruffle on the side. I also really like the black with ruffles on the front. So cute! The most it the ones with the side ruffles??

The Attic Girls said...

Hi T...It is the bag in the first photo (light color) I cannot tell you how many of that style has flown out the door! Had to get myself one too. :)Off to work now....