Thursday, October 28, 2010

Igor Pantuhoff

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I thought I'd share one our more rare vintage finds of recent. Kandi discovered this unusual painting recently and since we really didn't know much about the artist, we had to do a little research.

His style was similar to Keane in that he painted many "wide eyed" young girls. There is something about this painting that I just love. The back has the original old paper label that has a title of Three Cornered Hat.

BIO: (CREDIT: JMarks Art Co.)
Igor Pantuhoff was born in Russia in 1911, he emigrated to the U.S. and studied with the great Hans Hoffman. Hoffman brought modern art theory technique to the United States, and influenced all the abstract expressionists. Pantuhoff lived together with Lee Krasner in New York, before he ran off to the west coast to become a portrait painter to the rich and famous. They shared the apartment with Harold Rosenberg who became a legendary art critic, and promoter of abstract expressionism. Lee Krasner later married Jackson Pollock. She obviously had good taste in painters!

A brief obituary in the September 27, 1972, edition of The New York Times says Igor Pantuhoff died on Sept. 25, 1972. It describes him as a portrait painter “whose subjects had included Princess Grace of Monaco, Mrs. James V. Forrestal, Laurance S. Rockefeller and Anthony Drexel Duke.”

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Moi said...

I love the chair the painting is on very lovely indeed :)