Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Perfect Match!

When I found this pillowcase recently, my first thought was turning it into the cutest Bohemian flea market bag on the planet. That was until the day Kandi came into the shop with a fuchsia velvet Tam that had seen better days. It was missing the band and we both looked at it with the same thought..there must be something we can do with this! Lightbulb moment!!! The pillowcase I had at home was the PERFECT match! I brought it to Kandi the next day and she took it home to make the pillow. Is this the most adorable little pillow ever?!! I am now on the lookout for more vintage velour hats and pillows....I think I'm in LOVE.

1 comment:

kayellen said...

Pretty Store and a lovely pillow :)

So nice to me you!

Kay Ellen