Friday, October 30, 2009


I would have never dreamed that zipper headbands and feather fascinators would be such a hit! We unveiled these at our 1 Year Open House and they are selling like crazy!

They appeal to women of all ages and it's so fun to watch them try them different ones on. They usually always buy at least 2. :)

Zipper Cuff

As one of the store buyers for jewelry & accessories, I often take my daughter along for fresh and hip ideas. Us old gals don't know everything! One of her first picks was the zipper headband in the very first picture. She liked it so much that she got one for herself.

Dolly is our headband model. I know Sharon will love her. :) She balances perfectly on top of this cloche because it has a large knob on top. I filled the inside with dried hydrangeas and a pretty paper butterfly. Must's just TOO cute!

The above headbands have just the right amount of oomph...a nice flat feather and swirled bead button. These are available in chocolate brown and black.

We carry an assortment of fascinators in black, brown, burgandy and teal.

You'll be the talk of the town with a feather on your head! If it isn't your cup of tea, we have beautiful rhinestone hair barrettes as well. Come on over to The Attic to see for yourself.
Priced from $12 to $22.


Berlin Deluxxe said...


Janean said...

shut all the way UP, those are zippers? they are so great! hope you have great success.

Amy said...

I am fascinated with the fascinators! must have 2! hope you girls are having fun at the rose bowl extravaganza! xo

robin dudley-howes said...

These are so cute Nancy! Now I know what to do with old zippers!