Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Windows Update

It was difficult to capture the beauty of these new window treatments. They really give the windows a facelift!

Our friend Pam offered to give our windows an update the week before the party, so we took her up on it! We said adios to the ho-hum white sheers which have been with us for a year. Say hello to our beautiful new drapes, a beautiful natural look that will compliment anything we put in the windows. We place a wooden columm in the corner for the drape to wrap around. Pam did an outstanding job, as always. We have purchased our shop pillows from Pam for many many years and returning visitors to Coronado always remember her pillows.

We also put up our window lettering..something we have wanted to do for awhile and it looks fantastic!

1 comment:

TUTU Monkey said...

Looks great.......

I love Pam she is such a hoot!!

A talented hoot!!