Saturday, January 8, 2011

A New Year...A New Window

Taking a decent photo of our window display is never easy, but I tried. :)

We added a mix of black & white until we flip it for the next holiday...Valentine's Day.

Tall white chest with fleur de lis knobs is perfect for storing so many things! $195

Black 8 arm chandelier $149

Oval Cocktail table with graceful curves...striking in black! $195

Our very own Bella Pillow - hand made just for YOU! $42

A warm vintage 50's one will have one just like it...don't you love it? $95
(Sorry...I'm sold)

We offer shipping on most items. (Furniture is usually pickup)
Ring us for more information (619) 435-5614


TUTU Monkey said...


You new window looks great!!

I will pop in to say hi as soon as we shake these silly colds that keep hanging on.

The Attic Girls said...

Happy New Year Dana. :) Yes, those silly colds hit all 3 of us. They seem to linger, don't they? Hope to see you soon!

Sweet Repose-Junk Revival said...

Sometimes the camera just doesn't catch the beauty your eye sees and it can be quite frustrating!

The snow has ceased around 4 inches or so, just talked to my daughter, it's 3:30 and not one person has walked in the door...this is why we lament over the winter months in Iowa(North), one snow storm too many and yer outta business...FLORIDA do you hear me...sigh!