Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It Was Like Christmas!

We received 2 HUGE boxes yesterday and today with new items just for you!

Cast Iron Sea Horses in Turquoise(sold out) Green (1 left!) and Eggplant

Reproduction Rustic Drying Rack

72" Starfish Garland

Weathered boats in 2 sizes. These would be so cute filled with napkins and utensils for your next buffet at the beach cottage.

Whale Bookends

Cute little Fish Photo Holder - We also have these with shore birds!

This unique Fleur de Lis iron holder with glass tubes can hold more than just flowers...
How about paint brushes, or tooth brushes?

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Sweet Repose said...

I SOOOOO envy you guys being so close to the's hard to get the same look from the shells of the mighty Mississippi, big ugly brown shells on the outside, but beautiful mother of pearl on the inside...poor man's pearls from a polluted river that I won't eat the fish from's a sad state of affairs...pollution!