Monday, April 26, 2010

Recycling Old Windows

Old windows are often tossed out when homeowners remodel, so it's always nice to find a new use for this coat/hat rack. Pegs were added to hold your tote, dog leash or hat!
The addition of the 2 shelves are perfect for keys or a favorite collection. We also have a larger 6 pane window with pegs available which is not pictured.

These old frames were made from old redwood trim which came out of an old home in Coronado. They are quite large and hold 8 x 10 photos.

This last piece was not made by us, but by the uber talented Ms. Rita Reade! Is there no end to this girls talent and energy?!! She solders, paints, and she's a wood worker! She makes beautiful bird houses and these greenhouses from old windows! The roof was cut off in this photo, but take my word for it. This piece was awesome, although it's sold. Maybe you can convince her to make another! Visit her blog and say hello...just CLICK HERE.


Rita said...

I love old windows, I brought back 2 long ones from Roseville and I am planning to make to cabinets. One has to fit Bella, for displaying my jewelry. What do you think? I may have few signs for you this coming weekend if everything goes as planned. See you Friday or Saturday? ciao Rita

sandra lee said...

I love old windows! and yours are so fun! That Rita, she is amazing! I am going to miss the sale this weekend, I am now working and Saturday is my hubbys birthday. Hope to see you sometime soon! :)

D said...

What a fun Idea, I have a few old window I would love to do something with.Now I have some ideas.