Monday, April 5, 2010

It was time...

... to dress the window again, and we think it turned out pretty darn cute!
(if you can get past that darn reflection of the street and cars in the window!)

We added an adorable antique twin bed,(sorry, bed has been sold) vanity and nightstand, along with a few of our favorite accent pieces. Makes me wish I had a little girl again!

We have received a few inquiries on the large wooden wings. If you are interested in purchasing them, please ring us during regular business hours. We are expecting our shipment in early May. Thank you!
You can click on the image to enlarge :)


Vanessa Rabelo said...

Congratulations!This decoration was fantastic!

Sweet Repose said...

I didn't even notice the reflection till you mentioned it...was too busy straining my eyeballs to see all the cute stuff...LOVE IT!!!

I gotta do that at the Shed Saturday...argh!!!

The Attic said...

Thanks Vanessa & Sharon..always fun to have a fresh new window!

BellaRustica said...

Cute posts. My vote is the first purse with the leather ruffles.
I really like the wings over the child's photo. Can you give me a price?
Happy Birthday to your sweet girl - Blessings, Kim

The Attic said...

Hi Kim!

That is my favorite bag, but the best seller has been the orange one! The wings are $95, but they are fairly large! Call the shop if you would like them sent and you get 10% off the price. Not sure what shipping would be. They are light but the box size is longer than usual and you know how that goes with USPS! LOL...
Thanks for the birthday wish.I will give her the message!

ps: your post on the baby fawn made me cry. :( I would have flipped out seeing that in person.