Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What's NEW in the Vintage Dept.

The cutest old chalkware baby!

His broken foot only makes me love him more!

A few of these goodies may be on the website shortly...

A gorgeous old glass ceiling shade! Circa: 1940

Pretty Powder Jars : Circa 1940-50

This matching vintage black pottery vase and wall pocket: circa 1940

Infant of Prague Plate circa : 1950

(Chairs have sold and will be on their way to their new home in CT.)
A Lovely Pair!
As always...we are happy to ship most items. Please ring us for details!

1 comment:

Sweet Repose said...

Love it all...and yes, the stand was $6.00, basin $6.00, oval frame $2.00,
decoys $2.50, square frame $8.00, mirror $2.00...so a little over twenty bucks,,,we have the best mall, you can get the cheapest stuff there, ask TOT, Time-worn Interiors, she can't wait to come up and go through again..heehee...don't hate me cause I'm a tightwad...LOL...