Saturday, March 20, 2010

Repurposed Baby Buggy!

One day last month, the Attic Girls were going through our items in storage and someone pulled out a broken down leather baby buggy. There was talk about making it into a planter to sit in front of our store everyday, and then someone suggested leaving it in the alley for someone to possibly pick up! I really wanted to keep it...for what, I had no idea at that moment. Then after surfing blogs, I saw a photo of a smaller doll buggy that someone had added a shelf to, and it inspired me! Jane took it home to Jon and look at what we made! A rolling coffee this not the neatest thing on wheels?!! It's CRAZY cute, and after being in the front window for just ONE day, it sold, today!
Here's another darling little oak chest with mirror that only lasted 2 days in the glad I snapped this picture the day it arrived. It was adorable and so tiny!

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My Vintage Treasures said...

The buggy transformation is GREAT!!!