Monday, July 6, 2009

What's In Store This Week

Wow, I think we set a new record in furniture sales this week. It's officially tourist season! This is great news because it means we have room for NEW pieces!
We love giving the store a new look and we started with the small window display today. The store was looking a little empty today as 2 large pieces left and one more is leaving on Wednesday. We will have more coming in later this week so I will be sure to add photos as they come in.

Love this vintage metal barrister bookcase * Industrial chic at it's best!

Filled with seashells at the moment, but perfect for books or a special collection. We love it and know you will too! The cherub lamp is a favorite of mine, even with the missing panels. I love it just the way it is...would be sweet with a beaded light bulb cover. A neat large bust with rhinestone crown is also new this week.
*Edit* Just sold the lamp on Wednesday...kind of sad to see it go! :(

A great old set of metal folding chairs, priced individually but I bet ya can't buy just one! We also have a set of 4 in the BEST shade of turquoise! These are perfect summer chairs for unexpected guests. :) They fold right up and be easily stored.

Turquoise chairs are sold and are on their way to Arizona!


Valerie said...

Your displays are always so artful and beautiful. I find I send people over to you all the time on the Friday's I work at Austin's Gallery (around the corner on C St), to look and hopefully BUY!

Let me know when you need to get the white metal garden table I bought out of the shop. We can plan to come get it on the weekend. Just let me know!!

Valerie Hebert

The Attic said...

Thank you Val! We appreciate the referrals and I do the same for Austin's. Would you like to pick up the iron table on Wed? I work that day and can bring a replacement. If not Wed, the weekend is fine too! I saw your note about the felting class. Might be something we would be interested in having at the store someday!