Wednesday, July 15, 2009

These Are A Few Of Our Favorite Things...

Love this rusty iron planter! Filled it with sea fans today. The top piece actually lifts off and the base can serve as a table.
*Sold*, and a little sad to see it go so soon!

This old green painted crate stole all of our hearts. One of those things that we will definitely have to enjoy for a time before deciding on a price. It holds the candles perfectly. It would also be cute on a beach cottage porch to hold shoes. :)

What a great table...all 6 feet of it! It has 2 drop down sides and will seat 4 on each side. ( Chairs are sold )

This little industrial typewriter stand is perfect for a laptop!
It's just adorable with the old blue paint, chippy and all. Just lift the sides up for extra work space if you need it. The wooden wheels make it easy to move it where you need it.

How adorable is this?!!! A little red and cream kitchen stool. If we would have had it before the Fourth of July, this would have been in the window with the blue typewriter table. Eeeeeee!!! I can hardly stand the cuteness of this stool!


TUTU Monkey said...

Sorry we missed you the other day Nancy. You hvae LOTS of fun new things!! I need to come back without "the tutu monkey" so I can look around stress free. She is usually pretty good but I am always waiting for a CRASH....have a great day!!

The Attic said...

Hi Dana...would be nice to see sometime. I stopped by Val's place to drop off some iron chairs today. She mentioned having a lunch at her house after her son is back in school. She will let everyone know!
Try to stay COOL! I will be glad when this heat wave is over!