Wednesday, July 8, 2009

This Way to The Attic

Check out our new sign. :) The locals know where to find us, but since we are located off the main avenue, some tourists need a little encouragement to make it around that corner.

We chose 3 photos to give everyone a little glimpse into the shoppe, and place it along Orange Avenue which is the main traffic street. I think it's working because we have seen the numbers increase since we put it out this past week!


TUTU Monkey said...

I love the new sign!!!!!! I hope you had a lot of traffic this weekend. Sorry we didn't make it in.........we had too many little ones with us.

See you this week..:)

ann at greenoak said...

loved touring your store....and seeing what you do with the neat old furniture...its the same kind of thngs we have in indiana....with a california twist....
we do the words on windows too....and sometimes cut the 2 pane ones in half to get a nice smaller size.....

TUTU Monkey said...

Jane, Kandi & Nancy
Join me for some CAKE!!!!

Valerie said...

Hi Nancy,

I'm going to take those two chairs, so please don't take them to have them recovered! I'll come by to pay for the chairs tomorrow.

Thanks so much!!!! :o)