Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mother Dear ~ A Celebration

Reproduced vintage Mother's Day cards, embellished with glitter & handmade tissue envelopes by our very own Attic Girl, Jane!

A tree filled with hand dyed doves holding messages of love for Mother Dear. This was our first attempt at these adorable little birds. Our friend Joy was so pressed for time that she couldn't fulfill an order for us, so we took on the task and really enjoyed it!

This 1940's Mother Dear pillow is amazing...found packed away and never displayed. How sad!

The birds were the perfect addition to our vintage teacups!

Probably my favorite thing...a large cloche with bird & iron urn

Vintage Mother Mottos are a favorite of mine, and here are two sweet ones!

Tamerie brought her lovely handmade pillows. Don't you just love her modeling this vintage dress? She said it felt like she was wearing a sofa! Well, it was made out of upholstery fabric. :) It was so darn cute, she just had to have it. Not many people can pull off a dress like this. Leave it to Tamerie. :)

Tamerie brought some lovely pillows. I love these vintage Coronado postcard pillows!

Shirley was our surprise guest artist. She is behind these beautiful jackets made from vintage linens and lace. Each one is totally unique and they were quite the hit!

Our gal Gina...what can I say about Gina. Her jewelry designs are tops, and customers just LOVE her and her offerings! She had a great run today and you can always find her jewelry here at The Attic.

The weather was perfect and it was great to be surrounded by such talented ladies and their fabulous creations! Thank you to Gina, Tamerie and Shirley. You made our day much brighter and we look forward to sharing more days like this with you all!

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Rita said...

Looks incredible. My favorites....the birds, seen Gina and lovely pose Tamerie #10. I will make it down there soon. A ciao to Nancy, Jane and Kandy

sandra Lee said...

Sorry I couldn't make it girls, but looks like you had a wonderful day. Hope to see you at Cottage in the Garden.

A Vintage Mood said...

I always find inspiration here, and at shab-n-chic too! The hand-dyed birds are exquisite. Gotta love that sofa dress.:)