Monday, May 11, 2009

Front Page News ... 3/50 Project

The Attic made the news again, and this time it was the front page! The article is about the 3/50 Project. Along with businesses across the country, we are participating in the project by spreading the word through handouts to our customers. If you haven't heard about it, be sure to click here to go to their web site. Since the article published last Thursday, we have had numerous customers come in to tell us that they read about it, and what a great concept it is. Many told us that they would "hate to see us go", but I assured them we aren't going anywhere, and truly appreciate their continued support. Supporting your local business is more important than ever, and if you have a brick and mortar of your own, be sure to sign up at the 3/50 Project website.

You can print out these flyers and start handing them out tomorrow! The response we have received has been overwhelming. I received an email today from the Cinda Baxter, founder of the 3/50 project, and I look forward to shaking her hand someday! Coronado is calling your name need a vacation. :)


Cinda Baxter, The 3/50 Project said...

On behalf of small businesses everywhere, thanks for the great support! You Attic Girls are making us all proud, even hitting the front page of the local paper. Well done....

It’s locally owned businesses like yours that give a community personality and color; next time I’m in San Diego, you can count on a visit to what looks like my next favorite shop.

All the best, to the best,

Cinda Baxter
The 3/50 Project

Liz said...

What a wonderful idea!