Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What's In Store & Another Give Away!

I took a few shots of how it's looking this week at The Attic. We have some new furniture pieces and the spring items are showing up! We are expecting another shipment of items from the gift show any day now, and we can hardly wait to get started on our BIG Spring window display!!! We are in the planning stages now, and should be starting on it next week.

Love this old little table in the original pink paint!

A great old headboard... boy, is this a tall one!

And a pretty white chandelier.

We are having another little give away for customers this month. This seems to be a regular happening around here! Just guess the number of pop top tabs that we placed inside this glass vase. Whomever comes closest to the correct number,

will win one of our pop top bags in the color of your choice!

If you are not a local, no worries... you will get complimentary shipping! I will open up this contest to our blog friends too, so if you want to play along, please post a comment with your pop top guess, and your email or I can contact you through your blog. The winner will also be announced here on March 29th.

Until Then,


Debby - Romancing the Bling said...

Hello Nancy,
I love your blog and try to visit often. I wish I lived closer so that I could visit your amazing store. I LOVE the little round table with the mirrored top. Very sweet!
Thanks for the opprtunity to enter your give away.
My guess is...126 tabs.

Thanks again,

Devon Dumpling said...

Hiya Nancy
I love your shop; I only wished that I lived closer!! Please could I enter with a guess of 153? x

Anita said...

Very cute shop- keep sharing pictures- I'm to far away to cme in person- but I am curious about the keep calm and carry on print inthe frame. Can you contact me about that?

My guess for pop tabs is 163.


The Attic said...

March 29th Update! The winner of our pop top bag was Maria Nagy of Coronado. The correct number of pop tops was 265 and her guess was 273. That was close! She was thrilled and picked it up today. I forgot to take her picture...darn!