Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Jump Start On Spring

We got a jump start on Spring yesterday after putting in 4 hours on our window display. I forgot my camera...again. I hope to get a picture this week though, so check back or stroll on by if you live in the area. Our main piece is a huge green iron garden cart which we loaded with everything garden. Annie, our store mannequin is wearing a vintage 60's Daisy dress (shown above), and straw hat. We're showing off a few new arrivals, and as people passed by today, I overheard quite a few positive comments! We enjoyed perfect weather today...hope it continues!

Hope to see you soon!


TUTU Monkey said...

oooo love the new look of the store....the window hanging from the ceiling is great!!

I hope to pop in this week.....:)

Take care!!

Tamerie Shriver said...

If only this dress were just a tad bigger, I'd buy it. I just can't get it zipped, which makes wearing it kind of hard. Oh well. I'll keep checking for the perfect vintage dress: that is, one that fits!


TUTU Monkey said...

I just loved this looks so cute in your window.

I will be back soon.....I need to have Tutu Monkey-Sarah hang out with her Daddy for a few hours so I can REALLY look around. LOVE all you new fun stuff!!

Keep me on your Mothers Day list...:)

Tanna said...

Ooooh, I love the dress! And, Coronado Island is great. My husband and I spent our Valentine's at Lowe's last year! LOVED the ISLAND!! Glad to have found your blog. Will be back to visit.