Monday, January 19, 2009

Something new at The Attic

Stop by and see the beautifully designed tee shirts by Debbie Hodge of Coronado. She has a children's line of handmade clothing called Lill' Bird that is the cutest I have ever seen! We currently have two styles of her t-shirts in The Attic, but hope to add more from her line. The pale pink shirts are shown below, but it is also available in white. Just click on the photo to enlarge. :)

Vintage Queen..isn't she lovely? I just might have to get this one for me. :)

The Vintage Chandelier tee, with an added sparkle of chandelier crystals at top!
Be sure to visit her blog and tell her the Attic Girls sent ya!


Amy said...

oooh I love the new stuff overy here!I checked out the t shirt gals blog...I want the t with the camera on the front:) tehehehhe the chandelier is pretty cool too...but not as cool as that camera! lookin good over here girls looookin very good:)

The Attic said...

Of course you would! I thought of you the instant I saw the camera tee too. :) off to work today..I'll talk to you later bud.