Thursday, January 15, 2009

L.A. Mart ...Bring It On!

The Attic Girls will be hitting the road on Friday to attend the Los Angeles Gift Show on Friday and Saturday. This will be my second trip to the mart, so I think I will be better prepared this time around.

We've made our list and checked it twice...right girls? :)

Tote Bag- check
Comfy Shoes - check
Business ID - check
Business Cards - check
Credit Card - check
Pens & Pads - check
Tylenol - check
Water - check
Paper Bags for hyperventilation- check

I'll be updating the blog next week with photos of the latest arrivals and our Valentine's Day display.

1 comment:

Breathing Beside Us said...

I'll be in to see them in person...HOW FUN!!!!!!!