Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Space Age "Earth Money" Dime Saver

Kids..this is beyond cool, and I know they will be snatched up quickly!
Check out the graphics...Little green men riding on a rocket..love it!

You will never find another..I know I have never seen one!
Cute little martian.

It appears to be unused as the cardboard was very tight when I slipped the dimes in for the pic.
Fill this baby up and you have a whopping $3.00!

Currently at the shop -call for details!

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Anonymous said...

I remember as a little girl, a bank representative would come to our school and hand out savings cards, it would inspire savings accounts, then there was a field trip to a local bank to make your first deposit and have a bank book. It was very cool.
I don't remember our cards being so cute. It was in a time when a dime could get you a large candy bar of a coke. So thought went into the savings.
Good times!