Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Trip To The 70's

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Love these floral leather snap cuffs. I would have definitely owned one in every color! $14 ea

When it comes to fashion jewelry, we truly do carry something for just about everyone, and since it appears that the 70's are making a comeback in the fashion world... I couldn't resist ordering these.

These took me back to the 70's. I think I may have had one of the butterfly coin purses and a similar cuff! A few of my favorite 70's accessories were embossed leather purses , belts, headbands, Puka shell necklaces, handmade bead necklaces, fringed moccasins and jackets. I think I owned just about all of those and wished I had kept them for my daughter to see, and possibly wear. :)

What were your favorite accessories from the 70's?

Leather Butterfly Coin Purses $15 ea

Beaded Headbands in purple or amber tones.
$10 ea

Heavy chunky chain bracelets $22 ea. Available with turquoise, black and amber accent stones.

We are always happy to ship so if you see something,
give us a ring or leave a comment.

This post would not be complete without this shot. Yes, that's ME- the rebel.

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Anonymous said...

Cute. I like the coin purses. Ahh...the 70's those were the good ole days! And who could forget our fringe jackets and headbands!