Friday, March 25, 2011

Trash to Treasure

These arched door frames were on their way to the dumpster. Thankfully, the person who was tossing them thought to ask us if we could use them! The purple had to paint, pegs and stands were added. We think they are just perfect for displaying the hats and scarves!

Both stands combined hold a total of 16 hats and scarves on the bottom.


Barbara Jean said...

wonderful idea and find

barbara jean

Perch Home said...

That looks great!

Kathy Kupferschmid said...

pure genious!!!!!

Rita said...

I love it! YOu girls are incredibly talented. Ciao Rita

The Attic Girls said...

Thanks girls! You are all talented, and I know you would have done something with them too! If I had just one more I was leaning towards a tri-fold room divider. They would have made great chalkboards on a restaurant wall too! thanks for stopping by..your comments were appreciated!