Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Girls Stopped By Today

Meet Carly, Cade and Cassi.

Since we are located next to a doggie salon, we receive frequent visits from the "fur friends" in the neighborhood. This must have been the most popular day of the month for dog grooming... I counted 6 in the 3 hours I was at the shop today! I just had to take a few pictures of these cuties.

Cassi loved our rhinestone starfish hair clip, but opted for the simpler pearl barrettes. I think you made the right choice, Cassi.

Carly was a little reluctant to have her photo taken with a wrap around pearl bracelet. With all that hair, you can barely see it! So the girls left with their pearl barrettes and one headband, for Mom. :)


suzeeez said...

Too Cute! Happy New Year !
:o) Sue

Valerie said...

Aww, so sweet. What a bonus, being right next to Pollyanna! I will stop by and say Hi! soon.
Happy New Year!
x, Val

TUTU Monkey said...

oh my those little dogs are too cute!!

Happy New year!!