Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas At Our House

As a shop owner, we are constantly fluffing the store, changing the displays and planning the next window change. We often hear the comment that "our homes must be decorated so beautifully!" Well...if you only knew! I put all of my decorating energy into the shop, so our home wasn't actually at the top of the list! This year's tree was scaled way down from years past. With the help of my little elf, we decided that a small tree would suit us just fine.

Isn't she cute?

Our sweet little pink tinsel tree perched on a vintage pink bird bath.

Can you tell we love vintage ornaments?

Give me pink, blue and silver.

No red. No Green. No Santa or Snowmen.

Uh-oh, I lied. I have a Santa and he's a jolly PINK fellow!

We had an abundance of vintage ornaments that wouldn't fit on a 3 foot tree, but we still wanted to enjoy them. We placed them in urns, under cloches and filled a jardiniere.

A vintage bird ornament lost her original tail years ago.
She now flaunts a pink millinery plume that Jenna removed from a hat!

One of my favorite vintage bottle brush wreaths.

I'll share my partner's Christmas decor if time allows.

Girls, are you game?
Send me your pics!


Rita said...

I am in love with Pink Christmas, Nancy your home is decorated perfectly. Rita

Anonymous said...

Your tree is beautiful. Love your display of all the vintage Christmas ornaments. That santa is pretty cute too. Looks like the elves did a wonderful job decorating!

A Vintage Mood said...