Friday, July 16, 2010

Once In A Blue Moon...

....a fairly infrequent event, not quite regular enough to pinpoint.

Sold....I'm going to my new home!

This is the kind of piece that we find once in a blue moon.
The kind of piece that you just want to take home and keep all to yourself!

Wonderful top storage..she kept her hats in there, & her millinery in the little drawers.

Look at those cute little feet..and what lines!

I can't wait to see who the lucky person is that claims this for their own!
*Edit* 9/3 The lucky person has come forward!

And the best part??? We also have the bed, the nightstand and a dresser with mirror. It isn't all in the shop at this moment, but it is for sale, and it is a once in a lifetime find in this original creamy old paint.

Interested? Just ring the shop for more info.


Tattered Goods said...

Hi Nancy,
Such a beautiful dresser/chest... It is so sad to not have furniture made with such quality and craftmanship like they used to do. The person who gets this set will k have an eye for beauty and will cherish it... this I know for sure. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


sandra lee said...

Don't you just wish you knew the beautiful woman or women who once owned these pieces? So pretty and feminine.