Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Girls Are Back In Town...

We have been waiting for our shipment of bathing beauty pillows since January!
They were a *best seller here last year and it looks like they are still going strong.

These are also on the way here! Bathing Beauty Boxes

And these darling Perpetual Calenders!

We happily ship our items to your doorstep! Just ring us for details.


Tattered Goods said...

Hi Nancy,
i have one of those calendars... in a different style, I would much rather have yours :) what is the price? i want to get to San Diego maybe next weekend, I need to go to Vignettes and see Lori and to see Linda at Urban Barn also. I would love to just do a dya of all my faves in San Diego maybe I could even get to Saffron too... my fave Thai restaraunt :) I hope you have a wonderful rest of the weekend.


The Attic said...

Hi Sheila!
The calenders are not in stock at the moment, but as soon as they become available, I will email you with price. Not for sure, but think $24? Maybe we will see you in Fallbrook if you don't make it down next weekend. I will be working next Sat, but not Sunday. Have a great Sunday!

Sweet Repose said...

I love this of my the new stuff, I gotta come back and go through this all later after all my furry heathens are gone...and the plaster bust could be yours for a mere $40.00, isn't she SWEET!!!

Later gater...s

Lisa Loria said...

Hi Nancy:

Good to see you at Chateau.
I have always wanted one of those long bathing beauty pillows.
Will you be coming to the Urban Barn
this weekend? I will be there selling. Maybe you could bring one with? I will have a some new Bling Babies with me.