Sunday, December 20, 2009

Vintage Jewelry, Hats & Handbags Sale!

We still have some Vintage Christmas ornaments remaining at 20% off. New ornaments are 30% off. Also on Sunday... 20% off VINTAGE handbags, hats and VINTAGE jewelry. We have some super cute vintage Christmas pins that we save up during the year.... hope to see you!

Stop by The Attic today for a peek at our newest arrivals in jewelry, scarves and crocheted headband hats that we are just loving! I will take some photos today for you :) This is our last shipment of new items for this year, and perfect for filling up that stocking!


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Sweet Repose said...

Girl, you wouldn't believe this mall we shop at, the dealer we got the lamp shade from just has the best and cheapest cost $8.38...just like Good Will, most of our stuff comes from there booth...ahhh...paradise!

Piper and I are so burned out with candles and soaps...but we ain't complainin''s been busy. When I finish the dogs in the morning, I head up to the shed to make candles, then back home to paint furniture and make more soap...


See ya Sistas...have a wonderful Christmas and New year is gonna be a great one...we're Americans after all and we love to shop!!!