Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Magic Window

There are some pieces come into the shop, and the minute you see it, you have a gut instinct that it won't be hanging around very long...This was one of those pieces and it lasted just a few days. Isn't she a beauty? Probably the tallest lingerie chest I have ever seen. I felt like a dwarf standing next to it!

This needlepoint chair was gone the day after we put it in the window. We joke about the magic window because everything that goes into it, seems to disappear within a week.

Here's another wonderful old armoire/chest of drawers in the original old creamy yellow. The original sea blue appliques will take your breath away! These are the original shabby chic pieces that are near impossible to find these days, and when you do...very hard to let go of. This one is currently in the shop. I can't believe someone hasn't snatched it up! Maybe it needs to go into the magic window if it's still here next week. :)


Rita said...

On my way to the Barn. Miss seen you at you Events. I hope you had a great turn out. Ciao Rita mammabellarte

Sweet Repose said...

I rarely take any type of philosophy is if it hurts, don't do it...HOWEVER...if I don't use it I lose it...ha!

Lorie and I quit last night at about 10:30, then I had the 45 minute drive home in the dark...deer in the headlights kinda trance...but I made it and will do it all over again today and tomorrow and..............

The trip to Sisters' is 45 min West of my house, the Amanas is 30 min. North of Sisters, then on to Park View 45 min. East, then 45 min. South to the Pink Chateau...yeah, I was on the road all day poor beast of burden traversing slick, smooshy roads and black ice...but the ol' Ford done me good! Never got stuck once...

Did I mention winters in Iowa SUCK!!!?

Love the lucky window and the GREAT stuff...we put 4 lucky pennies in all four corners of the shop yesterday, our tribute to the prosperity of the 4 we'll be looking for our sweet spot too...have a busy weekend friend!