Monday, June 15, 2009

Arizona Girls On The Island

We are starting to see the tourists here in Coronado, and we love our Arizona friends! They come to escape the 100 degree plus temperature. Can you blame them? Well, I have to tell you about a fun group of gals who came in to The Attic recently. They all made jewelry purchases and one even left with an extra one on her wrist. They had lunch and then realized she was wearing one with a tag that she forgot to pay for! LOL...We all had the best laugh over that one when they returned, and I promised I would not point her out in the lineup. Hee hee.... Thanks for coming in girls and come back soon!

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TUTU Monkey said...

Thank is so funny!!

My family is all starting to make trips over from Arizona too. It is just too hot in the summers!!

See you soon!!