Sunday, November 23, 2008

Holiday Heart Wreaths from The Attic

I thought I would show you a few custom order holiday wreaths that we made this week. You can click on the images to enlarge if you like.
These wreaths can take anywhere from 3-4 hours, depending on the size and number of ornaments used. We usually try to work on these before we open or after we close. When you are using a hot glue gun, chances are that someone will suffer a few finger burns. We wouldn't want our customer's to hear something they shouldn't. :) I had a doozey of a burn today but I'll spare you any photos of my injury...ouchie!

Here's the first one that Kandi and I finished on Friday, which was picked up the next day. We were very pleased with this one!

And this is the one I made just today. As you can see, each wreath is unique in color as we use a combination of ornaments from the 1950's through the 90's. We always add a few special ones to. I like using the ornaments with sayings and also the clip on birds. I added the tiniest little vintage bottle brush tree I've ever seen...almost kept it for myself! I gave this little birdie a pink tinsel nest.

We've had quite a few requests for more wreaths, so we have learned our lesson, right girls? Next year we will start making them in September!


Denise said...

GORGEOUS!! Oh, I love that heart wreath and the little bird with his pink fun! Great job. I made 4 one year for presents.....yes....can you say burned off finger prints! LOL!!!!

Thrifty Miss Priss said...

I love the wreaths! I've made a few this year too! Can't get enough of them lately!

KARIN said...

Oh, those are so cute. When we moved into our last house, we discovered boxes and boxes and boxes of old Shiny Brite ornaments left behind by the previous owners. I kept them, but never knew what to do with them. Hmm!

a said...

such a pretty place bud! I remember that first year you and I made all of those wreaths to sell online;) remember, I miss our phone calls:( xo

The Attic said...

I still have my first heart wreath and will never sell it. It's my favorite! Did you keep one? Gosh, how long has it been since we spoke on the phone?!!!3 years? We will have to get on the horn very soon! promise!