Saturday, June 18, 2011

This Is A First!

Carolyn from CT. holding her prized starfish earrings! :)

No, that is not a feather hat on her head... It's a peacock feather in a vase behind her which I didn't even notice when taking the photo. Sorry Carolyn!

When Carolyn came up to the counter to tell me how she found our shop, I could hardly believe what I was hearing! She started out by telling me that she came all the way from Connecticut to buy a pair of starfish earrings...I must have appeared confused because she then laughed and told me the REAL story. She was en route from CT to San Diego when she admired a pair of starfish earrings that the flight attendant was wearing. When she asked her where she got them, she was told "they came from a little shop in Coronado called The Attic." I still can't believe it! So once she settled into San Diego, Carolyn made her way over to our shop. So I would say this is definitely a first. A referral to our shop at an altitude of 36,000 feet!

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