Thursday, April 21, 2011

Embellished Bottles

We always carry an assortment of vintage bottles that are embellished with components such as crowns, mermaid, seahorses and rhinestones. Here are a few that I just finished up on Wednesday.

(Above bottle sold)
This vintage flask bottle is my the frosty purple glass. The mermaid has lassoed a seahorse. This bottle is permanently fixed to a barnacle since the glass bottom was uneven and could not stand on it's own.

This purple bottle has a printed postcard image of a 1930's bathing beauty, trimmed in tiny pink rhinestones. I added a beautiful vintage pearl earring top surrounded by rhinestones. Sand and tiny seashells are locked away inside.

This tiny purple glass bottle had a rhinestone studded crown and key. Simple and sweet. (sold)

A newer aqua bottle was embellished with a scrolly metal hardware piece from a drawer pull, an old key and a gold metal crown.

Mermaid bottle by local San Diego artist D. Cooley.

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