Monday, May 10, 2010

33 Drawers...How Would You Fill Them?

It was like Christmas morning when I came into the shop and saw this! I was so excited...that I didn't even wait for the drawers to be added for the picture, and we have every single drawer, a total of 33! I just HAD to start filling those cute little cubbies. The smaller size drawers have zinc sides and the larger ones are all wood. All of the round knobs are made of the same wood. I really need to take a shot of this with some drawers to show you how wonderful this piece really is!

We found this wonderful and rare hardware cabinet filled with old knobs, hooks and misc. hardware! It didn't have a base, so Jon built one for it. It holds so much for us...blank cards, letter openers, hooks, knobs, seashells and more.
I could see this piece filled with crafting supplies, sewing or jewelry making supplies, bills? scratch that last one... would you fill these drawers?


Tattered Goods said...

Nancy, this is a great piece... I just got a wonderful piece myself from Linda and I am excited too... I have to bulid a base for it as well, but that is a ok with me ;) Have a great week>


Sweet Repose said...

I'm lovin it too...Sisters always comes up with the cubbies, she's got a really cool green one right now, but then again, she always gets the best stuff!!!