Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February Sale

The Attic will be receiving shipments of NEW merchandise over the next month, and we need to make room! So from February 1st to the 7th, we are having a sale in the following catagories.

Select Vintage Smalls : 30% Off
Vintage Linens : 20% Off

Pashminas 20% off
Feather Headbands
: 40% Off
Select Fashion Jewelry : 20% to 40% off
Select Picture Frames : 50% Off


TUTU Monkey said...

ooooooo how fun!!! Great seeing you yesterday!!! Sarah slept with her shell last night....:)


The Attic said...

Yes, it was great seeing you two again! I will probably post her cute little picture sitting in the "Princess chair" in a couple of days. She sure jumped up in that chair when I told her it was a Princess chair..LOL! That Sarah..she's a pistol! She slept with her little heart seshell? Now you know that just melted my heart.. Oh dear..