Saturday, January 2, 2010

Burlap..not just for grains & beans

Burlap pillows, rugs, totes, table runners, upholstered chairs and window treatments...those are just a few examples of how burlap is being used today.
Burlap has gone from holding grains & coffee beans, to being one of the hottest trends in today's chic'est homes. I think it's been "in" for a year or even longer now, but it seems that everywhere you look, you see it! How long will it remain popular? Who knows!
We recently participated in a local craft fair, and burlap was our table cover of choice. My husband has a landscape business, and he suggested I go to Home Depot to buy burlap tarps. Cha-Ching! You can buy an 80 x 80 inch tarp for $3.97!

Kandi made the cutest little Christmas stockings from burlap. She lined them in a black & white gingham, and attached a few scrabble tiles on the front. The Attic also pillows in the shop from burlap which are stamped VINTAGE, XOXO and BE KIND.

The table runner pictured in the first photo is trimmed in delicate vintage lace. It was a recent purchase of mine and I do LOVE it! We would love to hear how you have used burlap in your home, or have been inspired by others use of it in their decor.

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Anonymous said...

I love everything you pictured in burlap. I have some pillows in my house but that is all. Now I want the table runner!