Saturday, September 12, 2009

Antique Drafting Table - sorry, I'm sold!

Recently I posted about an unusual arrival to the store and I finally have the photo of it. This is truly an antique, probably 1910-20's. There is a crank on the side that raises it up and down. This would be perfect for a craft table or even dining. The warm old patina is awesome and it's serving us well as a display table.


Terri Conrad said...

how much? tres, tres chic!

The Attic said...

Hi Terri! It is priced at $895. I do love it :) Thanks for dropping by. Planning a trip to Coronado anytime soon?

Drafting Tables said...

What an awesome drafting table. I love that antique wood. Any idea how old it is? I noticed the price you sold it for and that sounds like a great deal for such a classic piece. I could see it being used as a dining room table!