Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Welcome To The Garden

Shirley & Jerry Castellanos were the gracious hosts this past weekend for a relaxing weekend of fun and sales.

They opened up their home, an outside cottage, and there were vendors in the garden.

Shirley LOVES her garden and has put her heart and soul into it the last 3 years. When they moved in , everything was dead. Not a green blade of grass or flower in the garden. It's so beautiful now!

As we were enjoying our lunch, a bluejay visited the bird bath near us. I scrambled to get my camera and as soon as I took this, he flew.

This antique bed foot board once graced her fireplace. I would have never thought of that one!

Shirley admires one of her roses.

Cottage Garden Sale will be held the 3rd weekend of each month.


sandra Lee said...

It was so fun meeting you girls in Shirleys garden. Hope to meet up with you soon!

Berlin Deluxxe said...

What a lovely sale, and that rose is amazing!
I live 5 minutes from your store and that is not good for my wallet :)
Love all your merchandise....